Ways To Reduce Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Ways To Reduce Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time that a lot of women just love. They are just waiting to welcome their brand new baby into their home. Unfortunately though pregnancy does have some side effects that you unfortunately should be aware of that will occur throughout your pregnancy. One of the worst side effects that you are going to have to face is those unsightly ugly stretch marks. At least 90% of women that are pregnant suffer from these and most generally they will begin around your seventh month.

Stretch marks will appear in various areas throughout your body including your waist, hips, buttocks, and breasts among other places. Although these marks will generally appear during pregnancy they will unfortunately continue even after your baby is born. To many they are embarrassing and they feel ashamed which lowers their self esteem. Therefore these people are constantly looking for ways that they can rid themselves of these nasty marks. Well there is good news because there are a variety of different ways that you can achieve this.

Most generally these stretch marks are caused due to a decrease in collagen which is a very important element that is contained within your skin. The collagen actually helps your skin stretch. Because of this decrease of collagen you will then need to find new ways to add more back into your skin. There are a variety of different remedies that you can do to achieve this and all of these are easy to do and also they have been proven to be quite effective.

How to reduce Stretch Marks

First of all you need to be sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Most doctors will tell you that they recommend at least 6-8 glasses a day. This will not only help you get rid of those ugly stretch marks but it will also help your baby be born healthy as well. You need to make sure that your skin does not become dehydrated at all as that will make the stretch marks reappear and often times they will be a lot worse than what you originally started with. The best way to ensure that you are getting plenty of water is to carry a water bottle around with you. Always make sure that it is full.

Maintaining a healthy diet is another great way for you to rid yourself of stretch marks. You need to be sure that you are eating foods that are rich in nutrients such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Also you should include foods that contain Vitamin E and C.

Finally you can also rub coconut oil on your skin. This will be more effective if you do this right after a shower. Also be sure that you are doing this at least twice a day. Coconut oil is the most widely used method to rid you of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are unsightly, ugly, and embarrassing. Following these simple steps will help you reduce your stretch marks during your pregnancy and keep your healthy looking body.