8 Things You Will Never Do after Reading This Article

8 Things You Will Never Do after Reading This Article

More often we get confused with what to do and what not to in our every day life. But there is always something that you must avoid in being something or after doing something.

Here are such facts which are found to be detrimental to our health

1. Do not smoke and take tea after a meal

In a research it has been found that smoking a cigarette after a meal is like smoking 10 cigarettes. So just imagine how much risk it can increase for you of getting the cancer. You also need to be away from taking tea after having a meal. It increases the amount of acid in our body. It makes the contents that we take more hardened and they become tougher to digest.

2. Do not walk around and take a shower after a meal

Do not take a shower or do not walk after having a meal. A shower makes the blood flow of your hands and legs. This will increase the blood circulation around the stomach. That will make your digestive system weaker. There is a myth that after having a meal if you walk about 100 steps, it will make you live longer. But walking right after a meal reduces the rate of absorbency of the nutrients that you take from the meal.

3. Do not sleep

It would not be wise to sleep straightaway after having a meal. When you lie down straight, some of the digestive juices tend to flow back to the food pipe due to the gravitational forces. This makes your inner food pipe to burn.

That’s why people have a burning feeling in their mouth and throat. Another cause for suggesting to avoid the sleep direct after a meal is that when you sleep directly from your dining table your stomach gets under enormous pressure. All of this causes snoring and sleeping apnea.

4. Avoid under cooked and raw meat during pregnancy

Eating under cooked meat ignites the risks of toxoplasmosis. It is an infection that occurs by a scrounger that can be initiated in cat feces, meat, soil and untreated water. If you are pregnant, the infection can harm your baby, but it’s vital to keep in mind that toxoplasmosis in pregnancy is very atypical.

Clean all surfaces and utensils carefully after preparing raw red meat to shun the increase of harmful bugs. And cleanse and dry your hands after having the touch of or handling raw red meat.

5. Stay away from uncooked or incompletely cooked eggs if you are pregnant

Confirm that eggs must be carefully cooked until the whole eggs are hard to avoid the risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning is not likely to damage the baby, but it may present you a harsh session of diarrhea and vomiting.

Shun the foods that have uncooked and under cooked eggs. If you desire to have dishes which holds raw or partly cooked eggs, think about using pasteurized liquid egg.

6. Pregnant women must avoid wine and other alcoholic beverages

The use of alcoholic beverages in expectant women can originate deformities of the embryo and their children may display symptoms of fetal alcohol belongings, or a compilation of fetal alcohol effects is known as fetal alcohol syndrome; this connection has been set up for excess alcohol consumption. A zero effect level to avert the harming the unborn kid, however, has not been set up. This is the basis why alcoholic drinks should be shunned throughout pregnancy.

7. While you are in diet do not skip meals

The experts say that do not skip your breakfast. Because, it is more likely that those who do not eat breakfast end up taking more food at the end of the day than those who eat breakfast. That’s why the breakfast skipper’s weight is higher than the breakfast eaters. And the breakfast is the first meal of your day. It will provide you the energy to work for the day. If you do not take the meal properly, then you are more likely to end up being sick for a long time. The risk of acid formation and the ulcer is more for who do not take the breakfast at the right time.

8. Avoid stick margarine, soda, doughnuts and food with same cholesterol level

Margarine is a powerpack of cholesterol. It is one of the main sources of cholesterol in the food list. Our diet gets heavier with the amount of the cholesterol. Soda contains a lot fat in it. The main reason of being obese in the modern era the amount soda they take. Yes, it is palatable, but is very detrimental to your health. Doughnut contains very much same amount of fat as the other junk food can provide. They are needed to be avoided because of their obesity property. If you are thinking to reduce your body weight, then you have to turn to nature and eat more green food.